Probability 0 (droqen)

Homepage / Win & Mac / Demo / $7 (buy directly) or $10 with three bonus games

“Probability 0 is an infinite descent into the abyss. It is a procedurally generated arcade game that will never stop fighting back.

The pit is teeming with creatures of the deep; some, you may never live to see. Your abilities will come and go as you live and die, yet your mastery will never leave you.

You will experience triumph, growth, and death.

But mostly death.”

Review: RGCD / Indie Impressions


2 thoughts on “Probability 0 (droqen)

  1. I highly recommend this game! I have played it for hours and still discover new enemy types and upgrades when I have a good run. Be careful though, it’s really addicting!
    Also note that the game’s price was reduced to $5.

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