Nikki and the Robots (Joyride Labs)

Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux /free version / Pay What You Want – only during the first week (buy directly)

UPDATE: The Joyride Laboratories stopped working on Nikki and the Robots so please don’t expect any further development on the game or on this or further Story Episodes.

“Nikki And the Robots is a game with a cute retro style and modern gameplay. You join Nikki on a secret mission to fight the villanious Dr. Lacroix. The game contains platformer gameplay — when controlling Nikki — but you can also find a variety of robots in the levels and make use of them: switch on elevators, shoot cannons and explore levels with jetpack robots.

The game is available with simpler graphics and user created levels for free on our download page. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows and should run on modern hardware with a working OpenGL driver. If you are unsure about the system requirements, please give the free version a try.

The Story Episodes unleash the full potential of Nikki and the Robots. Nikki faces larger, more detailed levels with new, beautiful graphics and lovable characters in a plot-driven game setting.”


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