Navigator (Digital Haven)

Homepage / Win / Demo / $4.99 (buy from Desura) or $10 (Nova bundle, includes soundtrack and Desura key via Bandcamp)

“Navigator‘s gameplay is a strategic blend of old-school block puzzle and platformer, creating a fresh new experience for all players!

The flow of the game is simple– shoot blocks into the playing field. Match colors of 4 or more to create “clusters”– groups of blocks that explode and reward the player with points. By creating multiple cluster groups with one cluster, you create combos which multiply your score. Easy, right?

However, Navigator introduces an interesting element to traditional block puzzle games by adding in Nav, the “navigator” on the field who must avoid the top of the playing field. The player must take control of both Nav and the Block Cannon, and use these two elements together to last as long as they can in the playing field, as new rows of blocks slowly rise underneath!

Nav has the ability to jump over small gaps, climb on top of blocks, push blocks to the side, and force-create new rows of blocks. Utilizing these abilities while operating the Block Cannon at the same time is crucial to surviving the longest and gaining the highest score! These mechanics and strategies separate Navigator from other entries in the block puzzle genre.”


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