Astralia (Astroboid)

Homepage / Win / Demo / buy from Indievania ($1.99) or Desura ($2.99)

“Astralia is a top down space shooter with RTS elements. Also, it is not a twin stick shooter.

In addition to your ship you control a squad of drone fighters and get to manage a couple of capital ships that can be moved around to attack the enemy and can build other things like weapon platforms and bombs that you can then drop on the play field.
Gameplay is at least tactical if not strategic, resource management and effective use of the fighter drones and allied ship are essential to playing and winning the game, if you don’t pay attention to that the A.I. will kick your butt real fast.
And last but not least there is a story to go with all this fighting, with all the SciFi cliches and themes you would expect in a game: dysfunctional heroes, a fictional precious substance, hyperspace jumps, alien space monsters, friendly AIs, death and self sacrifice and of course the Earth being attacked.”

Review: Digitally Downloaded


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