Dungeon Dashers (Jigxor)

Homepage / Win / $9.99 (early access pre-order, buy directly, from IndieGameStand, or from Steam)

“Dungeon Dashers is co-operative online multiplayer turn-based dungeon crawling. It’s all about getting together with a few of your friends online, exploring dungeons together, going on an adventure, and taking home whatever loot you find in the process. Players take turns to move and attack monsters in different scenarios, and monsters get their turn to fight back. The completed game will feature:

* Up to four-players playing together as a team over the internet (or play by yourself in singleplayer)
* Hand-made dungeons (not procedurally generated) – allowing unique adventures with traps and interesting monster configurations
* Many different types of monsters, weapons, and loot
* 4-8 distinct player classes – allowing for a wide variety of playing styles and strategies
* Intricately detailed retro pixel art sprites realised by Alex HW, and tiles by Dusty
* Original chiptune soundtrack by Nathan “Derris-Kharlan” Antony
* For Windows PC, but Mac OS X and Linux builds are possible too (if there is demand)
* DRM-free! Steam keys will also be provided when the game is released on Steam”


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