Win Some Indie Games! – Round 2: A Virus Named Tom

UPDATE: Okay folks, contest is over. All the winners have been contacted, check your mail/Facebook accounts. And thanks for playing!

And we’re back with another contest! This time you can win 5 copies of the wonderful action-puzzler A Virus Named Tom

On August 1st, A Virus Named Tom will be released drm-free and on Steam. From the next beta update – that is: now – until shortly before launch, there’s going to be a high-score contest where players will be able to have their name baked into the leaderboards for the game. Sounds fun, right? To make sure you won’t miss that, simply participate in this giveaway.

Rules are simple: you might have noticed that BSIG! has one of those annoying good-looking Facebook buttons on that sidebar there. Click that, like us on Facebook and leave a nice comment that somehow indicates you want to win stuff. Or you can just leave your comment right below and tell us of a game you’d like to see on Buy Some Indie Games!* Contest ends on the 20th, so you have enough time to do a little research and think about buying indie games.

5 lucky winners will be chosen randomly and supplied with both standalone and Steam versions of the game. The rest of you will have to buy the game eventually, ha! (Did I mention it’s 50% off while still in beta? And that I like it a lot? It is, and I do!) Oh, and while you’re clicking on stuff, go and follow Tom’s parents at Misfits Attic on Twitter or Facebook. Because they are awesome.

(*couple of rules there: no unreleased games, no freeware games, no MMOs, no console games, no games that are already featured here… and no Minecraft. Because everyone knows Minecraft.)


10 thoughts on “Win Some Indie Games! – Round 2: A Virus Named Tom

  1. I would like to introduce “Waveform”. This game contains unique wave-manipulation gameplay. Mix of: retro, challenge, FUN and a little story in background. I recommend to try out demo on steam. It’ll also be available soon in many other places (including the official site: ). I would like to win: A Virus Named TOM

  2. I hope “Explodemon ” will blow me the way to a “AVirusNamedTom”. It’s really nice action platformer and I still don’t get it why this game could be on steam (but there is a hope with “SteamGreenlight”) 🙂

  3. Resonance is at the top of my list of games to get, it looks so cool. Sol Survivor or A Valley Without Wind would be great games to cover too. i just played AVWW last night and was blown away with how cool that game was.

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