Introducing: Indie Impressions + Indie Underdog Pack Giveaway [closed]

I am very pleased to announce the addition of an awesome new feature on Buy Some Indie Games! Nick Reineke has a wonderful YouTube channel where he posts short impressions of various indie titles – some of which are featured here as well. And he lets me add his videos to the appropriate posts; just look for the Indie Impressions tag. If you like his work, why not tell him? And if you are a developer with a game you’d like to be presented by him (I mean us), be sure to let him know.

UPDATE: the Indie Underdog contest is now over, congrats to Tomasz K for winning a bundle. But watch this space, there’ll be another contest very soon.

The fine folks from the IUP Bundle have supplied me with one of their wonderful Indie Underdog Packs to give away. If you haven’t heard of it: the bundle contains 5 games (all of which are listed on Buy Some Indie Games!) both as drm free copies and as Desura keys. The games are Tesla: The Weather Man, Drains, Ichi, Clone Wolf, and 48 Chambers.

So here’s what you have to do: suggest an indie game I should add to this site. Not those on Steam, obviously, and also not one that is already listed on BSIG. And no Minecraft either! Just leave a comment with your suggestion and also make sure to tell me how to contact you (twitter, email, whatever you want as long as it works). I’ll be picking a random winner at the end of the week. Good luck, and keep those suggestions coming!


20 thoughts on “Introducing: Indie Impressions + Indie Underdog Pack Giveaway [closed]

  1. Hey there! So I’m not exactly sure if this game would qualify seeing as it’s not yet available for purchase, but I also mentioned it to Nick for Indie Impressions. Tower of the Gorillion is a co-op platformer (that can also be played solo) made by myself and one other developer. The demo is constantly being updated, but was originally made over the span of a weekend.

    You can check out the demo at:

    Apologies if it doesn’t fit in with what you had in mind, but I figured it was worth a shot! Thanks.

    Twitter: @ColinMarjoram / @circuiton

  2. my suggestion is this new game by Mark Foster (twitter @ClawhammerMark) its pretty new and early dev stage, but his idea fascinates me!

    kang (twitter @freakologic)

  3. I hope noone have problem with that (I have already this great game from IndieRoyale) -> Ichi: HTWZE-H401H-NQNWZ-DX0KX-HIB7X

  4. U like Desura? (I like, and I have duplicates 🙂 ) -> Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!: UDROP-QRQHY-BE6YH-DCNPO-IEM5F

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