Splotches (Jolly Crouton)

Homepage / Win / Demo / $5 (buy directly) / greenlight this!

“Make a mess! Splotches is a colorful, splattery puzzle game littered with paint and explosions. Spread and mix colors to make brownsplosions on your way to destroying the Rainbow Orb. Get past locked walls, teleporters, conveyors, mines and more as you solve tricky challenges. Play easy levels, play hard levels, or make your own levels! Just be sure to bring some goggles and gloves.”


One thought on “Splotches (Jolly Crouton)

  1. I gave this one a shot a couple of days ago.

    I was impressed with the gameplay in particular. Very original. Sorta gives me a humongous entertainment feel, similar to the little mini games they used to put out.

    It’s def worth the 5$

    Buy this one and skip Starbucks for a day. 😉

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